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Marg eOwner App is an innovative business application by which an owner gets an
access of their business. By this Marg eOwner Application, an entrepreneur/owner
can manage their business from anywhere.

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In order to grow in today’s competitive market, the usage of the latest technologies need to be implemented that will allow you to penetrate into new markets and manage the business operations efficiently and effectively. Due to the development & advancement of several mobile apps, the behavior of consumers and their expectations has been changed.

With more and more businesses are relying on these mobile apps to help them find a convenient solution for their problem and business challenges which they are facing in order to revolutionize business processes with the power of mobile apps, Marg has developed an affordable and manageable Android & iOS based mobile app solution which will enable company’s owner/administrator to keep an eye on Sales, Collection & GPS Tracking of field staff.

Marg eOwner App is an innovative business application by which an owner gets an access of their business. By this Marg eOwner Application, an entrepreneur/owner can manage their business from anywhere. eOwner App is a Perfect Management app for ideally Retailers, Distributors & C & F's. Marg eOwner app is going to help you to increase your sales revenue by the help of PUSH SALE concept (Focus, Near Expiry & Dump Items) and decrease mistakes. Through this distributor’s app, the distributor can view the business reports and track the salesman.

Marg eOwner Application is a cloud based system integrated with MARG ERP 9+ (other software vendors can also send & receive data through excel or API’s). eOwner App allows the field sales representatives to download the product and customer data from a web server, take orders & payments in the field and upload them back to the back office where that orders can be generated into bill automatically and the payments will update accounts on a single click. So, if you are looking for a tool to encourage your field sales team to work as one strong united sales team and get regularly updates with the key figures which depict the current progress in your business, choose Marg eOwner Mobile App and get right information at right time to take right business decisions.

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eOwner Features

  • Track Ordering
    • Ease of Order creation/edition/deletion by Salesmen
    • View Order of each retailer date-wise & item-wise
    • Single Quick view of Generated orders
    • Items wise color reflect
  • Track Payment collection
    • Track easily two bills against which payment is pending
  • GPS tracking of Field Staff
    • Locate Salesman through GPS Tracking / Track the location of field staff
    • Salesman day plan scheduling for setting particular defined days to take order for particular area
    • Sales man Target setting for area-wise order taking & collection to ensure productive visits and proper work distribution
    • Send Popup Notification/Alert to salesmen for any important announcement or communication/message
    • Area-wise Allocation to every salesmen
    • Call to Action to make call to party/client from App action tab
    • Rout Visit Schedule
    • Clients location on map
  • Financial Reports
    • Can easily View a list of Creditors
    • Can easily View a list of Debtors
    • View Profit & Loss Reports
  • Balances, Outstanding & PDC
    • Details of Post Dated cheques of Parties can be viewed from here
    • Easily tap on a particular party to view further details of PDC
    • Sorting and filtering of all item-wise or company-wise stock
    • Manual & Tag-wise Collection tracking system to update/track non collected/due Outstandings
  • Focus Items, Dump & Near Expiry Items
    • Live Stock visibility to Salesman for current stock in hand, Short coming in orders
    • Sorting and filtering of all item-wise or company-wise stock
    • Detailed preview of each particular item to long press of any item like Current batch, Expiry, Dump Stock, Near Expiry Stock, etc
    • Current stock preview
    • Setting Order allow limit for minimum stock quantity/value for retailers/Salesman while placing the order
  • Automatically Integration with MARG ERP 9+
    • Excel Integration with Any ERP/Software
  • Products Categories/ Barcode scanning
    • Current Stock, Price, Promotional items & Schemes of Suppliers
    • Single screen view of Multiple Price or rate list /deal of one or multiple suppliers
    • Multiple price lists
    • Category Wise Product List
    • Barcode Scanning
    • Order allowed beyond stock limit Set/indicate Minimum Stock quantity view for each distributor to place order to one or multiple suppliers
    • Beautiful look & feel of products defined in colors and fonts
  • Dashboard
    • Analytical Sales & Stock Dashboard & Reports Statement & MIS Dashboard

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