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It is specially developed to facilitate distributors to take orders
from their retail customers using Android & iOS Based Mobile App/tablets.

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The distributors have a tough and busy life to manage their business operations and sales force team. With the development of several mobile apps, it has changed the behavior of consumers and their expectations. As more and more businesses are relying on these mobile apps to help them find a convenient solution for their problem and business challenges which they are facing in order to revolutionize business processes with the power of mobile apps. It is flexible and an affordable super class ordering business App integrated with Marg ERP 9+ and advanced feature of Marg eOrder App. It is a perfect Salesman App for ideally Distributors & C&Fs. It is also a great pick for Field Sales Teams that are working on tasks like:
    Collecting Orders & Payments
    Merchandising (Taking Pictures, Locations, Electronic Signatures, etc.)

Marg eOrder App is specially developed to facilitate distributors to take orders from their retail customers using Android & iOS Based Mobile App/tablets. Marg Salesman eOrder App is available in online as well as offline versions. This Distributors App automates your ordering process without involving the need for manual intervention and dependency. The eOrder Salesman App can feed order locally anytime from anywhere for their area’s retail customers and integration/Sync with Software. They can effortlessly help in tracking their positions, look- over & assign daily tasks to their field sales teams. This incredible salesman business app will definitely increase your sales revenue with its PUSH SALE concept (Focus, Near Expiry & Dump Items), while significantly decreasing mistakes and most importantly saves huge money for the distributor and companies that are spending on managing simple ordering process.

Marg eOrder Salesman App ensures you to keep the status of your business operation on your finger tips by using latest technology innovation of Marg Sales Order App integrated with Marg ERP 9+. This Marg Ordering App is totally free of cost as we will only charge for registration which has nominal and affordable pricing.

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eOrder Features

    • Ease Order creation/edition/deletion by Salesmen
    • View Order of each retailer date-wise & item-wise
    • Single Quick view of Generated orders
    • Item-wise color reflect
    • Full Control on ordering system by allowing beyond limit setting for order placing

    On daily basis the distributor can view instant stock check of focus items to set target by salesmen. Focus items includes:

    • Over stock of item
    • Dump Stock
    • Near Expiry items whose expiry date due within 60 days
    • Unsold items purchased in bulk /scheme
    • Items which normally bought by retailers from distributors

    Once Focus items are identified by Distributor, the push sale of these products to assign target to area salesmen and alert to retailers to buy it. It makes easier in the analytical decision making for salesmen for their customer which items the customer normally purchases and which items are to be pushed to sell them.

    • Real time Dispatch Status or tracking to view by salesmen and retailers
    • Instant Automated conversion of Order into Invoice/Bill in dispatch Menu
    • Detailed view of total billed amount & detailed breakup like quantity, MRP, Rate, Deal & Billed amount
    • Bill preview to check short coming items in order
    • Integration with Marg ERP 9+ Software provide preview for the items billed from Marg Software or ordered over phone by salesman /retailer
    • Manage supply chain from the time you run low in stock to the time it arrives at your loading dock
    • Live Stock visibility to Salesman for current stock in hand, Short coming in orders
    • Sorting and filtering of all item-wise or company-wise stock
    • Detailed preview of each particular item to long press of any item like MRP, Rate, Current batch, Company, Expiry, Dump Stock, Near Expiry Stock, Deal, etc
    • Current stock preview
    • Setting Order allow limit for minimum stock quantity/value for retailers/Salesman while placing the order
    • Area specific Promotions, Schemes & Offers
    • Group Schemes on items on total bill value or party wise
    • MRP, Selling rate, Current batch, deal, discount, dump expiry details of items
    • Area specific promotions, schemes & Offers on products to preview by Salesman/retailers
    • Product or items categorization
    • Multiple Price list
    • Centralized Price Control
    • Barcode Scanning
    • Electronic Signatures
    • Full Control on Hide/View/Block specific items
    • Beautiful Look & Feel of Products listing defined in different colors
    • On the Spot Party-wise Ledger balance and Outstanding view
    • Tracking of Client’s or Party’s Location via Map
    • Preview of Tax register details and summary both
    • Customer -wise Post Dated Cheques
    • Manual & Tag-wise Collection tracking system to update/track non collected/due Outstandings
    • Status tagging for putting reason for the due O/s or non collected payments like signed & return, Bill with Party, Bill with MR, Shop Closed, Undelivered, Suspense, etc
    • Payment status updation with single click and Auto removal or deletion of tagged status once the payment collected/received from retailer customer
    • Adjust Payment bill-wise rights to Salesmen
    • Auto SMS intimation to party once the payment done
    • Real time updation of payment collected from parties
    • Listing of Retailer Customers on the top with whom salesman maximum deal, highlight or sort customers on the top with whom the deals made in last 60 days
    • Receipt Printing to handover to customer for Collected payment
    • Party-wise and item-wise colors reflect to have better clarity and look & feel of app.
    • Placing Order to Unregistered mapped Distributors
    • Time tracking Stamping –Keep tracker of Booker Sales man time spent in Market, Total No of order/Invoices record etc.
    • Salesman day plan scheduling for setting particular defined days to take order for particular area
    • Sales man Target setting for area-wise order taking & collection to ensure productive visits and proper work distribution
    • Locate Salesman through GPS Tracking
    • Send Popup Notification/Alert to salesmen for any important announcement or communication/message
    • Area-wise Allocation to every salesmen
    • List out Customers on the top with whom the sales man maximum deal for items
    • Call to Action to make call to party/client from App action tab
    • Tax Statement Reconciliation & Summaries
    • Analytical Sales & Stock Dashboard & Reports Statement & MIS Dashboard
    • Advanced find /Search Filter to get or sort data As per your wish on different parameters or criteria for No of comprehensive reports including but not limited to Customer, Product & Area-wise

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