Integrated Banking options inside Marg ERP

Experience the Power of Marg ERP - Like Never Before

Now perform Auto-Bank Reconciliation of bank statements with 140+ Banks and
explore unbeatable banking features like Real-time Payments, Advance Payment Scheduling,
Bank Statement within ERP, Automatic ledger entry only with Marg ERP Software.
Marg ERP will bring innovation to your business in the truest sense.

Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ Banks

Online Banking inside Marg ERP with ICICI Bank

One Marg - Many Benefits
Now Your Bank Inside your ERP

Auto-Bank Reconciliation

Gone are the days for manual reconciliation. Experience Auto Auto-Bank Reconciliation features with Marg ICICI bank integration.

Real-time Payments

Real-time direct payments through Marg ERP (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/Fund transfer).

Advance Payment Scheduling

Now Schedule Your future Payments in Advance as Per your business Requirements.


Move to a Fraud-less/secured Internet Based Cheque Printing Facility.

Check Bank Balance Real-time.

With integrated banking facility, now you can check your bank balance in realtime.

Bank Statement within Marg ERP

Now view your online bank statement inside Marg ERP.

Suspense Entry Tracking

With integrated banking features, reconciliation of suspense payment entries is hassle free.

Maker - Checker Payment System

A much efficient and easy to use maker - checker payment system

Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Avail Benefit on Digital GST Payment with Instant UTR Number from Marg ERP

Automatic ledger entry

Eliminates chances of manual data entry errors in your books.

Advanced & Secured

Enhanced security measures ensuring users transact with complete peace of mind.

Marg-ICICI Collaboration

ICICI Bank is India's largest private sector bank with a total network of 4,856 branches and 13,792 ATMs across the country offering a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries in tier 3,4 cities.

MARG ERP and ICICI coming together are a maiden tie up where they will be able to provide an integrated solution to all their customers. We could see one of the greatest field power of talented brains which will originate from 1000 + bolster mind bases of MARG and around 5000 branches of ICICI.

ICICI Bank & Marg Payment Integration Guide


  1. You would need to have an ICICI Bank account with transactions right facility enabled. If you do not have it enabled, you can request to enable transaction rights facility to your ICICI Bank branch.
  2. You would need to have an active Marg product license and the most recent updated installer. You can download the most recent installer from here or download from website’s download section. Your data will stay intact after the installation finishes.
  3. If you do not have an existing ICICI Bank account you can request for a new Zero balance account by clicking on request for a new account and filling up the form. The account would be a lifetime ZERO balance current account if the customer remains active on the transactions from MARG. , ICICI T&C will apply.
  4. You would need to have the RMN and Registered e-mail id and CIB login credentials with you.
  5. ICICI Bank account to register should be configured in Marg bank account’s ledger. To finish the setup process.
  6. Only supervisors are allowed to perform registration on the Marg platform.

Switch to Integrated Banking - Switch to Marg® Erp

* T & C apply