Marg eOrder App for Taking Orders by Salesman

Marg eOrder is an Android & iOS Based Mobile App specially designed to facilitate distributors
To take orders from their retail customers anytime, anywhere.

Features at Glance


Get a quick view of orders from each retailer date-wise & item-wise.

Focus Item

Instant stock check of demanded items by distributors to set target by salesmen.

Dispatch Management

Real time tracking of dispatches for salesmen and retailers. Instant Automated conversion of Order.

Stock Management

Detailed preview of each item. Get MRP, Rate, Current batch, Company, Expiry, Dump Stock, Near Expiry Stock, Deal, of any item on long press.


Area specific promotions, schemes & offers. Group schemes on items on total bill value or party wise. MRP, selling rate, current batch, deal, & discount.

Debtors Management

On the Spot Party-wise Ledger balance and Outstanding view. Track Client’s or Party’s Location via Map. Preview Tax register details and summary.

Marg eOrder App, an impeccable Android & iOS Based Mobile App designed specifically to facilitate salesman & distributors to take orders from their retail customers easily. The eOrder Salesman App can feed order locally anytime from anywhere for their area’s retail customers and integration/Sync with Software.

This incredible salesman business app will definitely increase your sales revenue with its PUSH SALE concept (Focus, Near Expiry & Dump Items), while significantly decreasing mistakes and most importantly saves huge money for the distributor and companies that are spending on managing simple ordering process. ...Read more

Know more about eOrder Apps

  • Easy order creation/edition/deletion by Salesmen
  • View date-wise & item-wise order of retailer
  • Quick view of Generated orders
  • Item-wise color reflect
  • Full Control on ordering system by allowing beyond limit setting for order placing

Distributors can view instant stock check of focus items to set target by salesmen. Focus items includes:

  • Over stock of item
  • Dump Stock
  • Near Expiry items whose expiry date due within 60 days
  • Unsold items purchased in bulk /scheme
  • Items which normally bought by retailers from distributors.

Once Focus items are identified by Distributor, we can push the sale of these products by assigning targets to area salesmen and sending alerts to retailers to buy it. It helps the salesman in analytical decision making and recognising which items are purchased by their customer and which items are to be pushed to sell them.

  • Real time tracking of dispatches by salesmen and retailers
  • Instant Automated conversion of Order into Invoice/Bill in dispatch Menu
  • Bill preview to check shortcoming items in order
  • Integration with Marg ERP 9+ Software provide preview for the items billed from Marg Software or ordered over phone by salesman /retailer/li>
  • Manage supply chain from the time you run low in stock to the time it arrives at your loading dock
  • Live Stock visibility to Salesman for current stock in hand, Shortcoming in orders
  • Sorting and filtering, item-wise or company-wise
  • Bill preview to check short coming items in order
  • Current stock preview
  • Area specific Promotions, Schemes & Offers
  • Group Schemes on items on total bill value or party wise
  • MRP, Selling rate, Current batch, deal, discount, dump expiry details of items
  • Product or items categorization
  • Multiple Price list
  • Centralized Price Control
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Full Control on Hide/View/Block specific items
  • Beautiful Look & Feel of Products listing defined in different colors

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Marg® ERP Integrated Mobile Apps

Marg eRetail App for Retailers to place orders

E-Retail app is a step much Faster & reliable for ordering. It increases the order value and adds mobility for retailers when placing an order to their suppliers / distributors. The user can track their short supplies and view suppliers offers, stock rate, schemes and can also check their ledger and outstanding with much ease.

The eRetail app made for Retail business increases the retailer’s efficiency and connectivity with their distributors and suppliers which ensure long and healthy relationship. The eRetail app assures easy search of items and gets a 24*7 access for ordering anytime. The app is error-free and time-saving while order feeding/ punching through automated diary system. Moreover, The app also is easy to use and helps run your business efficiently.

Features of eRetail app

  • Ordering : Easy to order from any distributors/ suppliers anywhere anytime
  • Stock : Can view and analyze multiple distributor stock rate, deals, and schemes
  • Ledger : Retailer can view his ledger without any hassle
  • Outstanding : Checking outstanding with balance and date
  • Easy to use : Adaptable or feasible in nature
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Marg eOwner App to keep complete track of your business

eOwner keeps a strong vigilance on your business and is a perfect Management app for entrepreneurs (Retailers, Distributors & C&F's). The app keeps eyes on Sales, Collection & GPS tracking of field staff which guarantees an increase in the sales revenue which influences on time business decision making power and assures 100% business success.

eOwner is a cloud based system integrated with MARG ERP 9+ which provide real time information for businesses to take an instant business decision.The eOwner app allows you to manage multiple businesses at one go and gives an in-depth analysis of your inventory.

The app gives a clear view of your financial reports like balance sheet, cash& bank, profit & loss, debtors balance and creditors balance.

The features of eOwner app

  • Field staff tracking : Easy tracking of field staff
  • Stock : In-depth analysis of stock details
  • Outstanding : Clear overview of clients outstanding any time
  • Purchase order : Easy modification of purchase orders
  • Financial reports : Keep eye on accounting activities
  • Easy to use : Adaptable or feasible in nature
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