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We believe in customer satisfaction through our service excellence
and taking their business to reverential heights keeping the
simplicity in mind.

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The deeply instilled marg culture is personified our workforce-people now share our belief and experience of setting new paradigms in the world of Accounting & Inventory software and creating an experience for our small and medium enterprises that not only surpases. The excellence but creates the trust that last for a life time.

What We Stand For

About Marg Compusoft

At Marg Compusoft, we are committed to Support our Partners, our Clients and our Wider Communities to achieve their Business Potential. That's how we Make a difference.

It's All in Our DNA - At Marg we are Programmed for Success.

Why Partner's with Marg ?

  • Strong Brand Presence
    • Presence since 1992
    • Marg has over 6 Lakhs Users with over 500+ exclusive sales & support centers.
    • Has strong presence in all Media (Print, Electronic & Digital)
    • We market ourselves thru social media, Google adword, Mass mailing, bulk sms etc.
    • Marg website has more than 5000 unique visitors on daily basis.
    • Becoming a Partner will ease you to stand your Business.
    • Aggressively into ATL & BTL Activity.
    marg partnership strong brand presence
  • State of Art Technical Innovation Centre
    • Marg is amongst the fastest growing IT Company in India with comprehensive software solutions in its domain like, Trade Specific Most Advance Inventory and Accounting software and ERP Solutions like: Supply Chain Management, Retail Chain Management, Manufacturing and Sales Force Automation.
    • Marg is growing at a pace of over 100% year on year on new clients' development.
    • Becoming a Partner will also let you sail in the same boat.
    marg partnership one of the fastest growing IT company
  • Flexible and Transparent Partnership Program
    • At Marg we are constantly thriving to achieve and deliver the best products in conjunction with the prevailing technology and demand of the market.
    • To support the ongoing demand Marg is well equipped with most professional and technical engineers who are always on top to deliver all developments on time.
    • Becoming a Partner will enhance your confidence to generate and grow your business.
    marg partnership state of art technical innovation centre
  • Effortless Installation & Implementation

    In Marg Salary Payroll software, we calculate all type Statutory compliance:-

    • At Marg our Tech Team has developed the software in such a manner that it just takes 5 clicks to install the entire software hassle free resulting in saving the cost and time.
    • Marg software requires minimum customer training so that you can utilize the time on some other productive work.
    • Marg products are very Fast, Easy, Accurate and User Friendly software's.
    • Becoming a Partner will save your quality time and efforts; due to this the profits are high.
    marg partnership effortless installation & implementation
  • Huge Business Potential
    • We all know computerization in all the fields is growing at a very fast pace, every business individual/organization is in search of good software solution to have maximum control over their Inventory and Accounting.
    • New generation is taking over the reins of business, which are more tech savvy and relies on automation and systems
    • At Marg we hand hold our Partners and support them from Start to End Sales and Marketing by providing valuable inputs to market the product in their areas and also provide queries from our Head Office of their areas to potentiate the business.
    • Strong Line of Products: Marg does not limit you to any particular trade or segment all the more it opens more doors and opportunity resulting into never ending sales generation.
    • Becoming a Partner will let you have tremendous business opportunity with strong and vast network, as we0 train our partners in such a manner that he/she is not just the solution provider, but also a Business Advisor.
    • Becoming a Partner will let you have tremendous business opportunity with strong and vast network, as we train our partners in such a manner that he/she is not just the solution provider,
    marg partnership huge business potential
  • Maximum Profitability With Minimum Investment
    • software Industry is the only Business where one can generate high profits with low investment. Marg not only provides you an opportunity to earn big money but also gives environment to generate this revenue within your suitable time
    • With Marg you need not do much hard work but the smart work will itself raise you to a level, you never dreamt off.
    • Becoming a partner will ensure you to have the best Return on Investment (ROI) that will automatically maximize the Profits "The More You Do The More You Get".
    marg partnership maximum profitability with minimum investment
  • Strong Customer Support Backup
    • Marg is in business from almost 22 years, this is because we value the association of our customers (end users) and to support them we have a dedicated technical support center.
    • Becoming a Partner will assure you of better customer satisfaction.
    marg partnership strong customer support backup
  • Dedicated Technical Support
    • Marg provides a dedicated Technical Professional to every Partner at their place to hand hold till he is perfectly trained.
    • At our Head Office we have dedicated team of professional who are always ready to provide solutions to our Partners for all of their day to day queries
    • We at Marg provide Complete Product Training to all our Partners.
    • Becoming a Partner will make you highly demanded Technical Professional who could become backbone of any business.
    marg partnership dedicated technical support
  • Online Partner Panel
    • We provide a dedicated online panel thru which our Partners can communicate with our Tech, Accounts, Sales and Marketing department.
    • Thru this online panel we provide 24/7 licensing system.
    • We provide Query of your respective areas which is managed thru a query panel that is updated on regular basis.
    marg partnership online partner panel
  • Recurring Income (Securing Future)
    • We have a track record of minimum attrition, with this we are able to have strong and reliable customers base for long term.
    • Marg software is a renewable product, which has to be renewed every year and Company shares high revenue with our Partner's. This is also another way to generate revenue every year.
    • In any business getting reference is known to be the most secure and easily convertible sales. At Marg almost 25% of sales are generated thru reference and it is a practice in Marg to convert these references into sales.
    • Becoming a Partner will assure you to continue enjoying getting the profits year on year ensuring secure future.
    marg partnership recurring income (securing future)

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Scope of Business

  • Non License Software Users
  • Original Software Users

1 Crore Plus

Inventory & Accounting Software User In India

Scope of Business

80% Businessmen are Using Non License softwares because they don't have proper solutions for their business but marg provides trade specific solution.

Successfully prove from last 15 years, MARG continues to satisfy the Accounting and Inventory needs of all the segments of the business pyramid PAN India & in overseas market. Based on the research of NASSCOM, approx. 3.5 million pcs have been sold to the business segment which is grow at the rate of 33% per annum. To tap this expensive market, we at Marg are committed towards building, enhancing and supporting our channel partners, Sub channel partners & resellers.

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